Open Program - Additional Information

The OPEN program is a virtual six-month cohort-based program open to all PBS station staff. Participants can select a specific cohort to participate in and during that time frame will engage in a virtual digital curriculum, including the option to attend an in-person training and bi-monthly collaborative webinars alongside their fellow PBS station staff members. 

Program Overview:

In the OPEN program, participants will: be given unlimited access to the virtual digital training program known as the Digital Immersion Learning Center, invited to attend an in-person two-day training, and invited to participate in virtual station café discussions. 

The Digital Immersion Learning Center is an online training platform that includes multiple digital courses from a myriad of relevant topics. These topics and courses follow the Digital Immersion curriculum, which covers four main topic areas as it relates to digital strategy: 

  • Content & Strategy
  • Organization & Culture
  • Data & Metrics
  • Social Media, Marketing & Engagement

The Virtual Station Café is an optional collaborative virtual discussion (conducted via virtual collaborative software), where participants can discuss challenges, successes, and new learnings and understandings, while supporting one another as they implement digital projects at their stations. 

The Two-Day Training is an optional two-day workshop hosted at a PBS station and open to any PBS staff member and Digital Immersion participant in the open program. This training is an immersive workshop designed to take participants through hands-on collaborative exercises and thought-provoking discussions, in order to leave with newfound knowledge to take back and utilize at their stations. When selecting their cohort, individuals must register for the workshop. Participants must cover their personal travel/accommodation costs.

Special note: All in-person events will be adapted to virtual events through the end of 2020. More information on the virtual events will be shared in the coming months. 

Cohort Options:

There will be two cohort options to choose from:

  • Spring Cohort, which will run February through July with an optional kick-off workshop in February
  • Fall Cohort, which will run August through January ‘21 with an optional kick-off workshop in August

By selecting a specific cohort, you will receive communication during that time from the Digital Immersion team, engage in bi-monthly webinars with content-experts related to digital topics, and will connect virtually with a subset of your peers. 

Once individuals select their preferred cohort, they will be given access to the virtual training program, the Digital Immersion Learning Center. Participants will have the option to complete specific courses and tasks for higher level engagement opportunities with PBS, content-experts, and public media representatives. Participants will be required to complete an orientation course that will outline the engagement opportunities and associated tasks.

Examples of engagement opportunities are:

  • After completing course you will have the opportunity to set up a digital assessment call with a Digital Immersion representative to discuss station digital goals and strategies to implement said goals.
  • After completing 5 courses you will have the opportunity to set up an in-person station consultation or training with a Digital Immersion representative. 

Although individuals must select a specific cohort to participate in they can progress through the courses at their own pace and will have access to the virtual training beyond their six-month period.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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