200 Alabama Bicentennial

Note: this is a series of our blog posts looking at stories and activities of PBS Member Stations.

At the beginning of 2017, APT undertook the ambitious project to produce 200 Alabama Legacy Moments, exploring important people, places and events in Alabama history. This program also aimed to present the foundation for a three-year project that will invest in schools and teachers, engage with communities and encourage citizens and visitors to explore and learn about the state. 

One of the outstanding programs in the Alabama Bicentennial is Read Alabama 200, a program that features the authors of recently published books that offer new information and insights into Alabama history and culture. This program supports libraries, archives, museums, civic groups, churches, or other organizations in Alabama that invite authors to talk about their books. In order to make it easy for people to directly contact the authors, Read Alabama 200 lists the selected authors, along with the title of their books, a biography and a direct contact information. 

APT-2018 Community Report