Download the 2018 Season of Giving Tool-kit

Just a handful of weeks after tense mid-term elections along with incredibly crowded mailboxes and inboxes—politics will still be top of mind with many engaged donors—and common ground across the nation will likely remain elusive on many fronts.

An updated 2018 Season of Giving Tool-kit is now available. The focus of this year-end tool-kit a much-needed reminder of where we can all come together: PBS. This campaign highlights the unbiased journalism available to everyone through PBS and can be used as a positive contrast to the overwhelming division in the election messages that preceded it.

Download Tool-Kit

The appeal centers around the idea of PBS being everyone’s welcoming home for the lively, worldly, creative, and enriching wonder that is presented to many thousands of viewers daily—only through PBS—only because of its generous members. It highlights recent fall pop-out programs as a reminder of what donors have already accomplished and a catalyst to push them to continue donating in the winter. Excitement will be generated towards funding the dynamic winter season to come. Graphics for the campaign employ a bold yet warm design and color treatment to stand out in the mailbox, looking distinctly different from the all-too-familiar political mail.

Tool-kit materials includes:

PBS KIDS & EducationValue statements with links to media (video or infographics) that stations can use for their communications on and before #Giving Tuesday. If your station plans to participate in this or another regional day of giving, you can use the suggested Facebook posts and related media to help prompt social media followers to support your station. Depending on your station’s social media strategy, you may want to extend this to other social platforms as appropriate. All accompanying media (infographics or video spots) are available on the Source using search or the hyperlink provided.


  • Copy and design samples for three additional gift direct mail letters with versions for lapsed donor
  • Copy and design samples for one major donor letter
  • Copy and design for one Sustainer upgrade letter.
  • Copy and design samples for eight e-appeals to be launched between Thanksgiving weekend and New Year’s Eve, including Giving Tuesday, with recommended timing.
  • A suite of five on-air spot scripts suitable for customization by stations.
  • A suite of three online lightbox samples with varying text and design, related to the direct mail and e-mail themes.
  • Updates to the accompanying resource guide to reflect any evolving best practices and new content.

Corporate Support:

  • Pledge scripts: Leveraging pledge for corporate support


  • Corporate Stock:  a resource document with tools, tips and techniques to help your station secure gifts of publicly traded stock.
  • Charitable IRA’s:  A resource guide is now available to help support your station’s efforts to market the IRA Charitable Rollover.
  • Copy and design samples for one major donor letter; complimenting the Membership efforts

Questions? Tracy Ferrier I Director I PBS Development Services