from George Molnar, of the PBS WARN Team: 
FEMA has asked us to provide some video content of PBS stations participating in public safety activities. They will be running a loop in their NAB booth for 100,000+ people to see.

Can you help?

It doesn't need to be splashy or heroic. Share a short clip of you demonstrating datacasting, hosting a public safety training exercise or meeting, your staff with their FEMA ICS certificates, master control sending an EAS or AMBER Alert, running the satellite truck in support of your local or state government, beauty shots of your EOC or remote production capabilities. Even a selfie with co-located equipment is cool!

Drop me a line ( with download information. We will edit the package and deliver it to FEMA, with credit to all participating stations. Audio tracks are okay, but don't count on them being turned up in the booth.

Thank you!