Promo Automation Webinar Wednesday, July 10, 3-4pm

If your station is still using promo reels, you know it’s quite a workflow to record the reel, chop it up into its parts, make “tomorrow” “today/tonight” and “coming up next” versions, and then send it all to your air servers with a unique ID for scheduling. That’s a lot of work, and it takes a lot of time for each reel. Even pulling promos from the Source still causes a considerable workflow in order to create the different versions needed for air.

WHAT IF… you could automate that workflow? IMPOSSIBLE, you say? Don’t tell that to Austin Wright at WVPT – he’s done it.

Join Austin Wright for a webinar on Promo Reel Automation. For hardcore engineers (who miss tinkering!), or traffic folks who might be curious, he’s going to show you how he did this at his station – and how yours can too. His Open Source system has churned out hundreds of promos at WVPT: it takes promo reels, slices them into their individual promos using black detection, reads the slate with OCR, and pops everything into a database and media library. On top of that, code automatically creates air date graphics, and mixes appropriate audio from their voiceover library for the show’s air date. Find out how he did it – sign up for the webinar today; if you can’t attend, sign up any way and we’ll send you a link to the recording on the HUB when it’s ready!

UPDATE: The webinar is over, but the recording and slides are posted here on the Hub.