We’re roughly one-quarter of the way through our 11-city roadshow to discuss Member Video on Demand and the kickoff of its deployment to stations this summer. We’ve tried to pick locations that make it easy for someone from every station to attend, but we also know schedules and travel budgets might make attendance difficult for some.

So we’ve scheduled two webinars to cover the highlights on June 4 and June 18, both at 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST.

If you’ve attended any of the roadshows, the webinars will be redundant, so you can safely skip. But you might want to flag them to colleagues who couldn’t attend.

If you haven’t attended a roadshow, the webinars will give you a high-level look at the service and its deployment. We think you’d benefit more by attending one of the remaining in-person sessions. (Turns out you can get a lot more information in a day-long in-person session than in a webinar. Who knew?)

But if you just can’t make it in person, either of the webinars will at least keep you up to speed on the deployment process.

Find out more about the MVOD Roadshows, MVOD (virtual) roadshow and MVault, PBS’s membership registry.Tom Davidson | Senior Director | PBS Digital *Originally posted on the PBS SPI Blog