Welcome to the SALES Blog . . . the Sponsorship And Leadership Engagement Space! Since Development Services’ return in 2014, we’ve asked for your feedback during station visits, conversations, and conferences; we’ve listened and heard you. This space is yours.

We didn’t pick the name just because it is cute…

  • Sponsorship is a major Development activity that brings in revenue. Let’s work together to bring in more!
  • Leadership is important! With all the talent we have in the system, why not let best practices and success shine with posts by leaders?
  • Engagement is why we chose a blog. Let’s activate and engage each other through sharing and dialogue that inspires us all.

On the SALES Blog, corporate support best practices will be shared, station successes told, strategies will unfold, and ideas generated. There is such strong work being done across the PBS system, by station colleagues nationwide. We’ve heard from you how important it is for us to provide a space to highlight station success, best practices, industry trends, and a forum for idea sharing. Collaboration is encouraged on all fronts; we hope you’ll feel comfortable commenting on ideas and reaching out to colleagues who pen these posts.

Let us know how we can make the SALES Blog more relevant to you. Please contact us anytime with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. This space is for sharing.

The SALES Blog is your community.

PBS Development Services – Corporate Support