Attending TechCon? We’re looking for Source Session panelists!

Exciting News for Source Users!

This year at TechCon, the Source team will lead a session on the opening day of the conference. We’re looking for panelists to join us onstage to engage in a discussion about their user experience.

The Annual Member Station Survey has been critical to inform us in the drafting of future improvements to Source and Station Exchange. We’ll share what we’ve learned from the survey, and how we will use that information to add user enhancements. Do you have suggestions you would like to discuss? Join us as a panelist so we can address those in a conversational forum. We also welcome you to share what is working right for you with our audience as tips to take back to their stations! More detail about the session can be found here.

Session Information

User Feedback: The Propeller of the Source and Station Exchange Journey
Wednesday, April 3rd from 6-7pm
Venue: Mesquite

Please send an email to if you would like to be a panelist, and what features you would like to talk about.

Thank you,
The Source Team