The Friday Zone

Note: this is a series of our blog posts looking at stories and activities of PBS Member Stations.

WTIU’s local, Emmy-award winning children’s series, The Friday Zone airs every Friday afternoon on PBS television stations across Indiana. The show offers children and families an entertaining and educational half hour of quality television presenting performances, guests, activities, and ideas for fun and exploration. It is part of WTIU’s continued effort to use media as a tool to reach communities beyond their geographic broadcast area. The Friday Zone is now in its 19th season and thanks to a private gift in 2015, WTIU has been able to tie their content to Indiana’s school curricula and now delivers to teachers across the state more than 1,800 guides with lesson plans, worksheets, and activities geared to Indiana’s education standards. A free curriculum guide is available digitally as well. This year WTIU has continued to produce stories from across the state and to make them available through all IPBS stations and online.

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