Yes! We’re open!

Note: this is a series of our blog posts looking at stories and activities of PBS Member Stations.

KVIE’s Yes! We are Open documented some of the region’s most imaginative entrepreneurs who shared their secrets of success in launching a wide array of enterprises. In episode 109, KVIE led viewers inside a Sacramento competition helping budding entrepreneurs turn their business dreams into reality. Stories included a mother-daughter team that baked scones and sold them online, an art gallery specializing in indigenous artwork, a former state worker who became a custom shoemaker, a multi-generational family florist, a female entrepreneur specializing in vintage motorcycle repair, and a man who grew a small catering business into a popular chain of Mexican food restaurants. 

KVIE hosted a special screening of a new episode of Yes! We’re Open, entrepreneurs from downtown Sacramento were invited as guests to speak about what motivated them to start their own companies and the benefits and challenges of owning a small business. 

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Yes! We're Open: Chando's Tacos

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