360 Degrees of Art

2018 NETA Awards - Locally Sourced

From: NET Nebraska's PBS & NPR Stations

Project Budget: $ 5,246

“360 Degrees of Art” was produced in conjunction with NET’s series “Nebraska Stories.” The producers had done a segment about the house of art and private collection, but felt that it didn’t do justice to how it felt to be surrounded by all the art in those quarters. The Emerging Media Department had already featured 360° videos with multiple camera angles, moving the viewer through a space and/or time. We wanted the concept of this video to be simpler, and experiential but still push the boundaries of the medium. We decided the best person to host the video would be the collector Laura Vranes. We focused on talking about three key pieces in the collection that would motivate the viewer around the room, give moments with some world-class artists and art and keep the video shorter in length. We shot high quality stills of the paintings featured and made them the gems of our video, bringing them out from the wall and manipulating them in such a way that the viewer feels as if they are actively examining the art as Laura speaks. The goal was to give Nebraska Stories viewers an experience beyond the program on television or online, as if they are getting a special tour of a private space. 

What Did the Judges Say?

This is an outstanding piece of immersive video. More, please. This is a perfect example of something you find only on a public TV station, high quality and production values, done in a new and refreshing way. It is also very shareable and doesn't contain an ask. 

What would be a traditional approach of multiple edits or a simple 'walk and talk' became a memorable and delightful experience. This was a great experiment in engaging a viewer. This is not effect for effect's sake. It is a purposeful use of 360 which adds immensely to the viewer's experience. 

Clever to take stills of the work and bring that to the foreground to allow the viewer to 'examine' the art as the collector spoke. I loved the logo on the floor. Even credits were done in the same style. This was the best use of public TV and 360 immersion I've seen so far.