2016 NETA Award Winner: News & Public Affairs
From Nebraska Educational Telecommunications / Lincoln

The people who made this: Grant Gerlock, Brian Seifferlein, Randy Mason, and Katie Kuntz

Budget: $58,888.00

Choice Cuts: Meat in America looks at the trends of the American meat industry, the challenges it faces, and the changing face of consumer demands. The U.S. leads in meat production and
consumption. Can those rates keep accelerating while the U.S. continues to feed the world? This Harvest Public Media program is a collaborative reporting project including NET in Nebraska, KCPT in Kansas City and Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver. It includes television, radio and digital elements to tell the story in different ways.

What the Awards Judges review panel said:
“Excellent writing, shooting, editing, organization and execution. “
“The producers provided an informative and educational look at this topic while avoiding the gory aspects of food preparation, which would have been exploitative.”
“Flawless production, beautifully shot. Overall an excellent production that included outstanding graphics, video, and use of natural sound. Thrilled that NET did a simultaneous roll-out with radio and national programs.”