2018 NETA Awards - Engaged Learning

From: Alabama Public Television

Project Budget: $39,081

FBI: Inside the Crime Lab is one of APT's live, interactive learning adventures that uses collaborative experiences to engage students and teachers alike. Each adventure uses pre-recorded video and live, in-studio interactive segments during which students can query scholars and others. Via email, text messaging and mobile apps, students also participate in interactive polling. The live webcasts are recorded and edited for online, on-demand streaming and on-air broadcasting. Online resources for students and teachers enrich the pre- and post-event activities. Resources are curated from repositories developed by the APT IQ Learning network, its education partners, such as the FBI Crime Lab's forensic scientists, and PBS LearningMedia. All learning adventures and online resources are correlated to state and national curricula and offered free-of-charge.

What Did the Judges Say?

Most creative. This presentation was constructed to maintain students' attention while imparting knowledge and moving the plot forward. The students were able to affect the outcome in real time. Ingenious and instructional. Very innovative and creative in use of games, social media and real-time interaction by students and FBI professionals. Problem solving and contemporary situations are a great way to introduce STEM principles to 5-8 graders.

Very cost effective way to deliver education and entertainment. Demonstrates a well managed innovative strategy to introduce STEM principles with real life applications. The money was spent well, shooting a large part of the presentation in the field. Studio segments were tight and good. Even the low-rez hacker animation played into the overall feel of the presentation. 

119,240 participants WORLD WIDE, live, in October 2017. That is remarkable. 761 post-event views or uses shows that this content has durability, usefulness beyond real-time participation. Their promotion campaign paid off. It's gratifying when something so well-built is also so well-received. This is an impressive collaboration between Alabama Public Televion and the FBI and PBS Learning Media. 

The word "adventure" truly captures this learning activity. What an ingenious way to interest 5th-to-8th graders in science, reasoning, math, physics, chemistry, and law enforcement. Whoever wrote the scripts deserves applause. The editors brought it all together so tightly. The component segments have an enduring shelf life. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT MODEL for the rest of us, especially in rural communities.