Updated as of 5/18/2020

As markets are opening up, PBS viewing levels are returning to the seasonal averages

PBS General Audience

Viewing habits are shifting across platforms: returning to normal for broadcast while streaming is garnering new records 

PBS Broadcast

  • There was +19% growth in broadcast households compared to the 6 weeks before the outbreak1
  • However, PBS broadcast returned content driven behavior by week of May 4th 2

PBS Digital

  • In the first thee weeks, streaming increased an average +39% compared to the 6 weeks prior3
  • Streaming remains high at over 5.5 million streams per week3

PBS Passport

PBS Passport - March 2020 Data

  • Additional +13% streams compared to February 4
  • Record month for streaming at nearly 4.6MM streams4
  • Record month for activations, +64% increase from February and 47% more than March 20195



  • Kids 2-8 weekday ratings increased by +9% in the first few weeks of COVID but dropped to seasonal average by April6
  • Kids streaming increased by +29% and +42% for average weekly game play7
  • Downloads of the Games app have increased 42%7

PBS Learning Media & Parents Website

PBS Learning Media

  • Learning Media has shown no signs of slowing with site engagement up +24%, and +18% in pages/sessions 3
  • The site has garnered over +3.7MM users in April3
  • The Parents site has increased +21.1% year-over-year with a +43.2% increase in session duration3

PBS Development / Fundraising

PBS Development / Fundraising

  • eMarketer provided a podcast of what consumers expect from brands during the Coronavirus. Here is a link to the podcast
  • 82% of B2B buyers are concerned about an Covid-induced recession12
  • Kantar warns that a six-month absence from TV will result in an estimated 39% reduction in total brand communications11
  • MediaRadar details which industries/organizations are still spending in the marketplace which can be downloaded here

Industry Research

Industry Research

  •  Overall, Mar 16 - May 3 delivered +21% more total TV usage than the year prior8
    • However, total TV usage has been declining 1-3% each week since Mar 308
  • While following a similar pattern overall, streaming has been more volatile, dropping between 3-9% week to week 9
  • With less commuting time, radio listening declining by at least -12 during the initial Covid shutdown, but has since reached 82% of prior listening levels10


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