Well-run Sustainer programs are essential to revenue growth in normal times – during COVID-19 they have been the essential, stable source of revenue that stations have counted on to help see them through this challenging time.

But your sustainer program cannot be treated as a “set it and forget it” program. These donors are sticking with you and you need to take care of them.

The Sustainer Coaching Labs are designed to give development staff at stations of all sizes and stages focused attention on six significant areas of sustainer maintenance and growth that will include timely tactics to secure, retain, and upgrade sustainers specifically applicable to COVID-19/bad economic times.

  1. Each coaching lab will run for approximately four weeks.
  2. Each coaching lab will include:
    1. two webinars; the first is open everyone. The second is invite-only to those who complete and return the homework assignment.
    2. a set of questions to investigate at your station
    3. a homework assignment to create a plan
    4. a personalized coaching review and feedback of the plan create

Within a four week period, each course will consist of two 60-minute webinars. The first webinar, open to all, will cover the basics of the course content and ensure key takeaways are highlighted for strong execution at stations. Participants will be asked to take the corresponding on-line course prior to the session to ensure a strong jumping off point for all.

The second session will be “invite only” to those who have completed and returned the “homework” assignment. These plans and other applicable materials will be used as the basis for the second call, when the instructor will share them, evaluate them, and discuss enhancements so that each participant can have access to a number of viable approaches and idea sharing. Only participants who complete homework will be eligible for the second call.