Important Dates for Broadcasters in 2019 –
A Broadcaster’s Calendar

Reposted from this entry at the Broadcast Law Blog here.

David Oxenford and his team at the Broadcast Law Blog have put together a Calendar of Important Dates for Broadcasters for 2019, available here.

The calendar highlights normal regulatory dates like those for:

  • Annual EEO Public Inspection File Reports
  • Quarterly Issues Programs Lists
  • Quarterly Children’s Television Reports
  • Biennial Ownership Reports
  • Dates relevant to the repacking of the TV spectrum
  • Dates relevant to the radio license renewal cycle that begins this year
  • We also have the December start dates for the lowest unit rate windows for the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary

While this is not a comprehensive list of all regulatory dates that a broadcaster can expect, and while there can be some changes in these dates as the year goes on, it does provide a start keeping you on top of your regulatory burdens. Obviously, consult your own counsel for dates that affect your own station.