PBS KIDS in WTTW’s Kids Big Idea Travelling Lab

Note: this is a series of our blog posts looking at stories and activities of PBS Member Stations.

In 2018, WTTW’s Kids Big Idea Travelling Lab visited 34 communities across the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs with performing shows at libraries, schools, park districts, shopping centers, festival and large specialty expos. The interactive performances included lessons from PBS KIDS most popular show the “Lab Guy” to encourage children between ages 2-7 to critically think while having fun experimenting with STEM concepts on their own at home. In addition to these activities, WTTW also hosted the WTTW Kids Fun Food Fest that received a warm welcome from fans. The revitalized engagement program encouraged kids to create lifelong healthy habits by following along with the host and guitarist in songs, dances and activities inspired by their favorite PBS KIDS shows.