Savor the Goods Fundraisers and The Goods Series

Note: this is a series of our blog posts looking at stories and activities of PBS Member Stations.

What better way to bring people together for a fundraising event than with food? For the celebration of the station’s 30th Anniversary, Panhandle PBS hosted a year-long festivity with emphasis on education, arts, culture, business, and civic affairs. Panhandle PBS launched in June of 2018 “Savor the Goods,” a fundraising series with Amarillo’s top chefs and local farmers bringing a one-of-a-kind farm to table dining experience to the Texas Panhandle. Six events with top chefs in the region were held monthly from June to November. Each menu was planned and sourced using locally grown meats, vegetables, produce, honey and more. Within the context of the fundraiser, Panhandle PBS educated participants on the how to’s of dinner preparation incorporating the following themes: Master the Goods, Raise the Goods, Toast the Goods and Know the Goods. While enjoying the dynamic food and flavor, guests also contributed to Panhandle PBS’ funding. This fundraising strategy was a Win-win plan to promote top chefs and local farmers in the region while educating the audiences about choosing to eat better and healthier food. The video content collected at these events has continued to be shared through Panhandle PBS production pieces on-air and online. Check it out to learn more about new recipes from the top chefs of the Texas Panhandle.

Panhandle PBS 2018 Local Content and Service Report