Backroads of Montana: Rich with Tradition


From: Montana PBS

Project Budget: $5,000

Our goal with Backroads of Montana is to highlight the interesting people, the out-of-the-way places and the unique events that happen in Big Sky Country. In this episode “Rich with Tradition” we update the past with a story that many of us were told as children: what happened to Club Foot George? The way of life in agricultural Montana is changing. Farms and ranches have had to diversify and find new revenue streams like at the corn maze. Small town life has to adapt, as shown in the story of the new brewery in Glasgow. Entrepreneurship and small businesses continue to grow in Montana. Folks have found a way to live and work where they want, like the family running the donut shop in Ravalli or the new museum in Fortine. We’re happy to have been able to tell the stories of Montana’s people, places and events for more than a quarter century with Backroads of Montana. 

What Did the Judges Say?

Backroads of Montana does a great job of presenting interesting and infamous characters, the personal stories of Montana people and places. A good combination of cute stories and fascinating history. 

The host is seasoned, warm and reassuring. I like the drone shot at the beginning of the air museum. Very cool! 

The club foot story was very well arranged. Good editing, good photography, and a sufficient amount of B roll without being overwhelming. They obviously did a lot with the resources at hand. Nice work! 

The show doubled the audience versus the regular programming. That's the kind of result we want to see! MontanaPBS is successfully fundraising around Backroads of Montana

This show makes me want to visit Montana. It's my favorite "check out the local history and lore of our community" kind of show.