2018 NETA Awards - Community Engagement: Community Impact 

Project Budget: $25,708

Milwaukee PBS’ news-magazine 10thirtysix partnered with WUWM public radio to provide an in-depth look at the underlying causes of frustration and violence in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood. In this one-hour special, “Beyond Sherman Park,” 10thirtysix host Portia Young and WUWM's LaToya Dennis looked at what's working and what still needs work in terms of housing, unemployment, education, community pride, and police relations, and the impact all of this has on neighborhoods and residents beyond Sherman Park.Milwaukee PBS created a community event by recording “Beyond Sherman Park” in the neighborhood at Parklawn Assembly of God Church. This allowed our 300 audience members to interact with local journalists, as well as with their neighbors, community, civic and city leaders. This production also involved students from Milwaukee Area Technical College, providing a real-world experience as part of their education.WUWM provided on-air promotion for the event in addition to simulcasting the program on 89.7 FM.

What Did the Judges Say?

Any well-defined collaborative to rebuild a community that is hurting is worthwhile. This project fills gaps and helps build bridges to create positive, effective dialogue between sub-communities within a larger community. 

Milwaukee PBS was very in-tune when it came to who to invite (such as local journalists) and where to hold the gathering (neighborhood church.) It was a very well thought out project. It was innovative to include the media in the conversation rather than simply having them provide coverage. And the conversations between civic leaders and media were progressive and effective. 

Solid grassroots organizing. This program and other collaborative efforts helped reduced Sherman Park area crime decreased significantly over time, as well as improved relations between the police force and community. 

Excellent! A worthwhile, effective project that helped transform discussion into positive action. They took a subject that many would shy away from and embraced it, reaching out to the entire community.