2018 NETA Awards - Community Engagement Based on a LOCAL Initiative 

From: Alabama Public Television

Project Budget: $5,366.00

Contact: Cindy Kirk

In the fall of 2017, Alabama Public Television (APT) put the STEAM in STEM by creating a science fair that would celebrate the arts and sciences. APT developed the idea in partnership with the Birmingham Children’s Theatre and Southern Research. After much brainstorming, the three partners decided to produce their first annual Black History Month Science Fair in conjunction with a public performance by the Children’s Theatre of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The science fair was open to students in grades 6-12. The challenge was to research, recreate,and/or re-imagine the work of an African-American scientist, inventor, or engineer.

What Did the Judges Say?

What a fun project to create a science fair that would celebrate the arts and sciences. Very thoughtful, unique, and impactful project blending both the arts and sciences. The entry established clear goals and met them in their successful execution of the play and science fair. Inspiring content! 

This was a solid project, blending the fields of arts and science to expose youth to STEM career pathways, STEM professionals, historical events, and arts/culture. This was a well-planned, well-supported, and well-executed project. For some students the simple act of venturing outside of their county was meaningful, as well as even being selected to participate in the science fair. This project was definitely life-changing for many students. 

What a great project! It was innovative, timely, creative, and educational. An exemplary project with a creative twist. Hope to see this program grow throughout the years!