Statewide Public Media Collaboration ‘California Dream’ Launches With Call-In Show

California Dream is a new, statewide collaboration focused on key issues of economic opportunity, quality of life and the future of the “California Dream.” Over the next two years, the collaboration will be sharing stories about housing, education, jobs, the wealth gap and more as it presents reporting on radio and television, online and through special programming.

The “California Dream” collaboration is comprised of CalMatters, Capital Public Radio,KPBS, KPCC and KQED.

The project will launch Feb. 15 with a special statewide call-in show at noon called “Today’s California Dream.”

Hosted by KQED’S Mina Kim, this 59-minute statewide special will explore some of the complexities around the myth, the promise and the reality of living in a state long connected with the idea of a “California Dream.” What is it? Whose dream is it? How has the “California Dream” changed? The show will also ask listeners to share what brought them, or their families, to California and what keeps them here.