2016 NETA Award Winner: Video Campaign

The people who made this: Justin Harvey, Matt Emigh, Paul Mojonnier
Budget: $4,556.00

In an effort to show they know their viewers, Nashville Public Television developed a series of image spots that focus on the characters and moments unique to the region. This campaign was
highly successful both on-air and through social media. The series engaged new audiences and helped to lighten their image. The first spot featured Nashville’s very popular, term-limited, Mayor
Karl Dean volunteering for NPT. This spot was timed to begin airing the night of the runoff election to select his replacement. The second spot featured Americana music legend Jim Lauderdale
helping out at NPT in a uniquely Nashville fashion.

What the Awards Judges review panel said:
“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.”

“This piece came off funny and showed everyone needs to get involved. It's edgy without being over the top.”

“Unique and different. Not seen before. Simple set ups but well executed and done with a small budget. Genius!”