2018 NETA Awards - Community Engagement Based on a NATIONAL Initiative 

From: KCPT 

Project Budget: $167,900.00

Contact: Lindsey Foat

As a storyteller and convener, Kansas City PBS (KCPT) used the power of media, production, and collaboration with numerous community partners to create an unprecedented examination of the Vietnam War’s impact on Kansas City. As the presenter of The Vietnam War, KCPT explored the home town connections to the war through media productions, story collection, public programs, interactive online tools, and educator resources. Our goal was to create an all encompassing and engaging local look at the Vietnam War that would inspire conversations and new understandings of the conflict and its impact.

What Did the Judges Say?

This project was really innovative and creative. I liked their local project "A Face to Every Name" and that they were able to align with the NEA Big Read to promote the national documentary. The creative use of human and content resources provided a broad perspective for the entire project.

They were strategic in presenting a variety of viewpoints, using various formats and approaches with age-appropriate options.

This is very impressive in its depth of research and presentation and how it educates and reminds us all of the intense expression of beliefs during the upheaval of that era.