Homeless At The End

2018 NETA Awards - Documentary

From: KUED/Salt Lake City

Project Budget: $226,558

Where do homeless individuals go when sick and terminally ill? In a raw and intimate style, Homeless at the End tells the story of the final days of homeless residents at The INN Between, a unique hospice home in Salt Lake City. The film puts a human face on the challenges faced by homeless people confronting with their mortality. It also highlights the important relationships that develop between residents, medical personnel, staff, and volunteers of The INN Between. Homeless at the End follows James Adams through his final journey at The INN Between after his diagnosis with cancer. The film paints a touching portrait of the relationships he forms with caregivers, the other residents, and eventually with the daughter he had not seen in years. As The INN Between is the only hospice home for the homeless of its kind in the United States, filming this story presented a unique opportunity to provide viewers with honest stories of the emotional and physical toll of living on the streets, and to share the compassionate comfort care that volunteers and staff bring to residents of the home.

What Did the Judges Say?

It was superb! I loved the use of the still images. I was hooked from the very beginning. 

KUED hoped to reach its community, and they exceeded their expectations with a great response.

This film was incredibly powerful and was intensely effective in telling the story of the homeless who are in hospice.Everything about this film was top notch, from the photography, editing, interviews, music. This film is worthy of many awards. Fantastic work, as a project from start to finish.