2016 NETA Award Winner - Special Event

The people who made this: Alisa Dodge, Bo Dodge, Danny Engesser, Taylor Shore, Tonya Weber
Budget: $12,420.00

The Iowa State Fair is among the largest fairs in the U.S. and the largest event in Iowa, with over a million visitors in 2015. IPTV has broadcast Fair highlights for 45 years. The six nightly hour-long specials are among the statewide network’s most-watched programs. The iconic Fair represents the largest promotion and community engagement opportunity in Iowa, and the greatest challenge – to connect with that audience, be relevant year after year, and communicate a message above the din and flash of the carnival atmosphere. IPTV based its promotion strategy on a fresh look with heavy emphasis on audience engagement. On the ground, on the air, online and paid, earned and owned media tactics included ways for viewers to connect with IPTV and share their Fair experience. Investment in a new exhibit, talent and staff presence through the 11 day run, and the myriad ways to connect and share video, photos, and comments with the audience resulted in a campaign reach of 3.8 million people and engagement with more than 32,000 Iowans.

What the Awards Judges review panel said:

“Very creative and original plan. I liked the outreach and characters - getting all aspects of IPTV involved. Solid, compelling spots.
“Video and audio was perfect.”
“Better numbers than commercial network fare? Page views through the roof. Nice!”
“Excellent video production values and the booth was impressive.”