2016 NETA Award Winner: Online/Social Media
From KLRU/Austin, Texas

The people who made this: April Burcham, Christopher Rankin, Allison Sandza, and Blair Waltman-Alexin
Budget: $12,242.00
An Eastside Education is a six-part digital news project that followed a semester at the most talked about school in Austin as teachers, parents, administrators, and students fought to meet state accountability standards or watch their school be closed. An Eastside Education is a custom-built
website that tells the story of Eastside in seven chapters, with video, in-depth narrative, imagery, infographics, and links to external resources to provide additional context and background to the core story. The project was promoted through KLRU’s social media channels with photos and quotes from those featured in the project.

What the Awards Judges review panel said:
“This is how to take a new, fresh look at a chronic problem.”

“KLRU’s storytelling platform created an exciting way to dive deep into communities.”

“High quality and excellent use of media.”

“The visuals were stunning.”

“KLRU hit it out of the park!”