The people who made this: Marcia Kavanaugh, Tom Gregory, The National WWII Museum and the WYES Staff

WE'RE ALL IN IN THIS TOGETHER was live streamed in November to several thousand students across the nation and world from the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. The electronic field trip (EFT) explains how children contributed to the war effort. The EFT features middle school
students who tour the museum with volunteers who were children themselves during WWII. The volunteers describe how they took part in 'scrapping' or collecting metal and rubber, even bacon grease, to be recycled into war materials. The students also learn how the war influenced the movies and music of the time. This civic engagement and conservation lesson is carried into present day with the Museum's service project GET IN THE SCRAP.

The EFT was a collaboration between WYES and The National WWII Museum.

What the Awards Judges review panel said:

“It's hard not to celebrate an event that draws 30,000 youth to explore history together. Seeing the young MCs interviewing senior citizens was a model of the power of media to bring unconnected populaces together.”

“The real-time polling and dedicated web page are very innovative elements of this project. Cutting between live and prerecorded kept me engaged as a viewer.”

“The partnership between the station and the museum laid the groundwork for future productions. This project is amazing, especially because of the connection between the past and the present. This entry has it all! I LOVE THIS!”

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