About the PTMMG

The Public Television Major Market Group (PTMMG) is a consortium of 40 of the largest public TV stations by market size in the United States. The group represents 70% of the nation's audience. The PTMMG is a leadership organization within public media that strives to develop and implement high impact, financially sustainable business models for public media that enable the organization to best serve their communities. Many of the projects created within the PTMMG are then shared with the larger public media community. The PTMMG facilitates sharing ideas, information and providing collaboration among its members on activities of mutual concern to improve the range, quality and effectiveness of the stations' services. This PTMMG explores and implements new initiatives to improve the public TV system and takes leadership positions to effect action and the outcome of major public television policy issues.

2020 Priorities & Initiatives

  • Facilitate Strategies for Station and System Sustainability
    • Innovative revenue models
    • Next generation audience development
    • Bringing forward speakers and/or workshops that expand members’ thinking
  • Facilitate Strategies for Operational Excellence
    • Steward peer groups to build organizational capacity, leadership, and to deliver on key initiatives (diversity, audience development, data & digital, etc.)
    • Develop a series on boardroom best practices
    • Continue to refine and elevate the Emerging Leaders program
    • Explore Crisis Preparedness Manual as to options for delegating as a surrogate project.
  • Continuing Objectives:
    • Building and maintaining productive relationships with stakeholders at all levels.
    • Planning and executing monthly meetings among the membership and peer groups.