PTMMG Emerging Leaders Program

The PTMMG Emerging Leaders Program will provide mentorship for five up-and-coming staff members currently working at PTMMG stations. Each PTMMG GM, or their designated alternate, has nominated one person from their station. Those who have been chosen will participate for a year at PTMMG in-person meetings (3x/year), including the member dinner, and monthly phone calls. They will also participate in an annual hosted PTMMG dinner at a national conference and have engagement with PTMMG GMs via conference call, if not in person (depending on where each person lives). Participants will work with Deanna to help plan/present a session at a PTMMG meeting for the experience of sharing their knowledge and presenting in front of a group.

Cole Blaise, KCPT, Creative Director

Cole Blaise, KCPT
  • Began at KCPT as the Promotions Producer and quickly was tasked with responsibilities throughout the building.
  • Has won three Emmy awards with a unique approach to producing online and broadcast media components from Flatland to KCPT.
  • Is the voice of the Sunday Sessions on The Bridge 90.9 FM, and sets the tone and style for all things digital.
  • Leads the team of multi-media producers and works with a variety of outside contractors to produce award-winning platform agnostic content including leading a project that won a 2019 Regional Edward R. Murrow award.
  • Leads the social media team to engage and grow audiences regardless where they watch, read, or listen. Under his watch, The Bridge YouTube channel grew from 300 to 11,500 subscribers and has accumulated millions of views.

Victoria Cordova, Houston Public Media, Communications Manager

Victoria Cordova, Houston Public Media
  • Responsible for sharing the power of public media with the region’s surrounding communities through multimedia efforts that highlight the station’s reach and impact.
  • Involved in community engagement efforts that help bring local public media ambassadors closer to the station.
  • Spearheaded the establishment of the Young Leaders Council, the station’s first-ever young professionals group.
  • Has produced
    • Red, White, and Blue, a weekly public affairs TV show.
    • Generations on the Rise, a digital series.
  • Teaches introductory American Government courses at Sam Houston State University and has held roles in local government
  • A graduate of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leaders Institute and United Way of Greater Houston’s Project Blueprint
  • Recipient of the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area’s 2016 Rising Star Award. In 2019, Victoria was awarded the YoPro PBS Annual Conference Scholarship.

James Davie, KUED, Director of Programming & Digital Media

James Davie, KUED
  • Brings an audience- and content-focused approach to his role in overseeing the station’s broadcast schedule, program acquisition, online video productions, and web strategy.
  • Has been with KUED since 1999, where he began as a traffic associate. He worked his way up to Program Manager, and later Director of Programming.
  • When KUED created its Digital Media Department, James was chosen to lead the new endeavor.
  • Helps plan and execute the station’s fund drives, and for the last two years has also been on-camera pledge talent.
  • Serves on the PBS Digital Media Advisory Council, is a former president of the Public Television Programmers' Association (PTPA), and is currently serving a second term as board member of that organization. He has also served on the PBS Programming Advisory Council, and Program Council of the National Educational Television Association.

Keena Levert, PBS SoCal, Director of Engagement

Keena Levert, PBS SoCal
  • Leads engagement strategy, initiatives, and events as well as stewards key organization and community relationships.
  • Led the transition of PMGSC’s outreach activities from traditional community screenings to robust engagement campaigns for projects like TED Talks on PBS, The Vietnam War, and Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise.
  • Manages the station’s community councils, a group of over 150 cross-sector leaders that represent diverse communities in Southern California.
  • Designed the station’s first-ever Ambassador program, a team of part-time employees designated to staff PMGSC’s community events.
  • Began her time with PMGSC as a graduate school intern in the station’s education department in 2011.
  • Holds a Master’s degree in Professional Communications from California State University, Fullerton, a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Biola University, and is a former high school substitute teacher, sports coach and college athlete.

Michele Murphy, KQED, Executive Director, Audience Intelligence and Integrated Marketing

Michele Murphy, KQED

  • Oversees audience research, business intelligence, and marketing and communications for KQED.
  • Most recently served as the Director of International Development Operations for the PeTA Foundation where she handled the planning, development and execution of fundraising-related support services for the PeTA Foundation and its international affiliates.
  • Self-proclaimed data nerd and money whisperer, Michele has carved out a career in the non-profit sector around data and its various applications in order to allow organizations to better serve their audiences while raising more money.
  • When not wrangling numbers professionally she keeps busy wrangling five wonderful young adults who’ve joined her family via the foster care system, a couple of rescue dogs and cats, and is constantly seeking new ways to support her communities.