Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PTMMG?

The Public Television Major Market Group (PTMMG) is a consortium of 40 of the largest public TV stations by market size in the United States. The group represents 70% of the nation's audience. The PTMMG is a leadership organization within public media that strives to develop and implement high impact, financially sustainable business models for public media that enable the organization to best serve its communities. Many of the projects created within the PTMMG are then shared with the larger public media community. The PTMMG facilitates sharing ideas, information and providing collaboration among its members on activities of mutual concern to improve the range, quality and effectiveness of the stations' services. This PTMMG explores and implements new initiatives to improve the public TV system and takes leadership positions to effect action and the outcome of major public television policy issues.

Why was the organization started?

The PTMMG was founded to provide a forum for station leaders, running the largest stations in the country, to learn and share ideas. The group also works together to create and invest in content, revenue and leadership projects for the benefit of the MMG and its sister stations.

When was it founded?

The PTMMG was incorporated as a for-profit organization in February, 2007, replacing the Community Station Resource Group. The CSRG first met in Chicago in March of 1995 with 12 larger community-licensed stations in attendance. Burnie Clark of KCET, Los Angeles was identified as chairman. Later Bill Kobin, who had retired as CEO of KCET, became the group’s first paid part-time staff member.

The CSRG evolved out of another informal group called the Nitty Gritty City Group (NGCG). According to the 1996 Ralph Engelman book, Public Radio and Television in America: A Political History, the NGCG started in 1989 with 15 stations. A principal organizer of the group and one-time chair was the late Bob Larson, former CEO of WTVS in Detroit.

What is the organization’s focus?

The organization is focused on the following initiatives for 2018:


To see the full PTMMG Strategic Framework, click here.

  • Continue to build alliances with national partners
  • Provide models & tools to emulate digital as strategy for PTMMG stations
  • Support System Collaboration & Consolidation
  • Create toolkit for “Preparing for a database conversion” (January)
  • Present Diversity Strategies that Work session @ April meeting
  • Present models for Successful Succession Planning @ April meeting
  • Develop a leadership mentoring program for PTMMG stations that can eventually be modeled for the system at large
  • Represent PTMMG within PM and externally to ensure the stations have presence and key partnerships for system-wide projects such as Great American Read
  • Continue to research and provide speakers/content on ATSC 3.0 Strategies
  • Create a peer network so our members can lean on each other for guidance and models for the future

What is the governance of the PTMMG?

The PTMMG is an LLC and is run by an eight-person board made up of general managers whose stations are members of the organization. The board members are voted on by their peers. The board engages in a monthly call and meets in person four times/year.

For the current board members, click here.

Who are the staff members?

Deanna Mackey is the president/executive director. She can be reached at or by phone at 858-291-8501 (office), 619-261-7002 (cell). When not traveling, Deanna works out of her offices in San Diego, CA.

Anamia Monge is the media management assistant and can be reached at Anamia works out of the San Diego office with Deanna.

How do I contact leadership at PTMMG?

You can contact Deanna Mackey at the email/phone number noted above. Lisa Shumate, the board chair, can be reached at or at (713) 743-8402.