In 2018, the PTMMG board invested in a project to research the planning and resource allocation that helped create successful database conversion processes for stations. Deanna Mackey, PTMMG President, interviewed six stations over several months to learn what they did well and what they wished they’d done differently regarding their CRM conversions. The results of the interviews were compiled into the deck below which provides best practices for station leaders and membership practitioners to consider before embarking on a database conversion. The deck was shared at the PTMMG April 2018 meeting and in sessions at the PMBA and PMDMC 2018 conferences. Mackey has also consulted with several stations about the learnings from the research and resulting presentations. The deck is available for any public media station to use in preparation for their conversion and Deanna Mackey can be reached at the following email and phone number if stations have questions or would like her to consult,, (858) 291-8501.

Download the Presentation